Preservation 360

Where did we begin?

Having shot virtual tours for a range of businesses over a number of years we decided it was time to try and use our skills to actually make a difference.
Built from a passion for preserving our national (and international) heritage sites, Preservation 360 was born!

What do we do?

Our idea was simple, firstly to digitally catalogue these sites, be that listed buildings, renovations or even new builds, so that these
images could be stored in a safe location. Secondly, to make these important sites more accessible to the public, if that’s what our client wants of course.

Why do we do it?

We believe that it is vitally important to document heritage sites and properties in this way. A lot of these buildings have stood for many years and we hope they’ll stand for many more. However, just in case there is a disaster resulting in damage to or the loss of a building then we’d want to be able to revisit the site in a virtual tour. This could be for historical purposes or even to help with the renovation of the building.

What do we offer?

Our bespoke virtual tours can be customised for the clients needs. This could include branding, the addition of video or still images or even other
interactive elements within the tour such as information tabs or the ability to view before and after shots. The tours work on a range of devices,
including VR headsets, and can easily be added to a website or blog page. We also offer regular photographic and video services to help fully document a site.

How does it work?

We will discuss the clients needs to assess what they want to document and the best way to do this. We’ll then come and shoot a virtual tour, a room at a time, as well as shooting any additional still photos and video. Next we go away to edit and create the tour itself. The finished tour will then be branded and have any other additional content added to it. 

What can you do with the virtual tour?

Completed tours will be supplied to the client with instructions as to how to add it to your website or blog page. You can also save the tour to your prefered safe storage location. Online, or offline, the choice is yours. Virtual tours work on a range of devices, from desktop computers to tablets and phones as well as working with virtual reality headsets. You will literally be able to ‘walk around’ the space in VR form. 

Please contact us!

If you have any type of business or property that fits the above description then please, get in touch and we can discuss shooting this for you. It doesn’t take long but will last forever! Simply head over to the Contact Us page.