Preservation 360

Heritage Sites and Renovations

Whether it’s a heritage site shot for preservation purposes or a renovation project that deserves to be seen, you can find examples of our work here.

Student Accommodation

Student accommodation is big business which is why it’s so important to be able to show potential tenants what they are paying for. We’ve travelled all over the UK and Europe shooting a range of sites, some examples of which can be found here.

Museums and other Attractions

Museums, visitor attractions even spas, all of these can benefit from having 360 degree virtual tours. The client may not want to show off their whole business, but even a glimpse can help to entice the paying public. You can see some of our previous commissions here.

Hotels and Holiday Homes

Who hasn’t searched for somewhere to stay and been frustrated when the business only has a couple of low resolution photos to show of the rooms? A virtual tour will eliminate this issue by giving you the chance to ‘walk around’ and get a much better look at where you’re going to stay for that well deserved mini break or holiday. Take a look at some of our examples here.

Pubs and Restaurants

We love going and shooting tours of pubs! Being based in the Cotswolds we have plenty to choose from. Aren’t the best ones always those which are hidden away in little villages or cosy corners of towns? A virtual tour is a great way to attract clients and give them a reason to go exploring to find your establishment. See some examples here.