Preservation 360

Student Accommodation

Zenith - Cardiff

Zenith, in Cardiff, was the first of two shoots completed for Fusion Students. This tour has been through a couple of variations. The one you see here is the main tour with a bespoke title screen and menus. Fusion also wanted a version, just for the students, which had hidden objects placed within the tour that linked to a competition page on the website. That was fun to create but it is for internal use only. Worth remembering though if you want to turn your virtual tour into a game!

True - Glasgow

This was our second shoot for True Students. Featuring large, spacious bedrooms and a range of amazing social spaces True Glasgow was a lot of fun to shoot! Our client wanted a clean, easy to navigate tour with some simple pop up tabs to highlight specific areas. Check out the tour below. Did we have a go on that slide in the main social space? You bet we did!

Nexo - Residencia Galdos

We were recently called upon to shoot virtual tours for 3 student accommodation sites in Madrid for Nexo. Each location was different to the last, with their own unique features. The additional challenge here was that our client wanted the tour to be bilingual. Take a look below to see how we achieved this via the bespoke menu.

Novel - Bridle Works Glasgow

We’ve recently been commissioned to shoot a number of high end, new build, student accommodation sites for Novel Student. This is the Bridle Works site in Glasgow and it was a joy to shoot! For the virtual tour our client wanted to include welcome screens and a number of pop up information tabs located around the site. Take a look to see some of the amazing areas including a Tea Lounge, Roof Terrace, Karaoke Room and even a Glam room!

Student Roost - The Old Fire Station

This was another student accommodation shoot, but it was something a little bit special. This site is located in the old fire station in Birmingham. £35 million was spent renovating the property and the architects (K4 Ltd) won Channel 4’s Great British Buildings Restoration of the Year 2017. We love shooting sites like this as it is exactly what we’re all about, preservation and renovation! Please have a look at the tour below and look out for some original features that have been kept, such as art deco lifts and wood panelling in the study area.

Unite Students - Rushford Court

Rushford Court was formerly Durham’s county hospital. Before that it was a Victorian property. Following an extensive renovation, including the addition of two new residential blocks, the property is now home to some state of the art student accommodation for Unite Students. Unite also wanted the addition of a video ‘presenter’. Navigate to the reception to see how this was incorporated within the tour.